What We offer


Data security is one of the greatest concerns to many companies and computer users when disposing of their redundant IT equipment.

We take data wiping extremely seriously and are proud to have an excellent track record when it comes to correctly and successfully eradicating sensitive information.

We offer a complete onsite and offsite data wiping. Whether it be hard disks or floppy disks, CDs or video/Dat tapes, every single piece of data that comes into our warehouse is destroyed completely!

What We Offer


Use our experienced team to perform your IT audit and help you evaluate the systems and processes.

Every item will be logged in order to provide you with a full asset management report for your equipment.

The technical process will then vary depending on the product type and customer requirements. In most cases, a data erasure process is performed to all data bearing assets.

All units will be cleaned, followed by the removal of any customer identification markings that could trace the equipment back to you.

A visual safety and cosmetic check of the unit is carried out to check for any damage.

A functionality diagnosis of the asset is then performed. The result of these initial tests will decide if the unit can continue with the standard process or if it should be redirected to recycling or destruction.

What We Offer


Excess or redundant IT equipment, whilst no longer of use to you, often works like new and may still hold some value. We can buy back this surplus equipment, refurbish it and resell it, ensuring the maximum return to you whilst providing complete traceability and security of your IT assets. Remarketing IT at scale is a win-win-win; for You, Us and more importantly, for the Environment. Servers, storage systems, laptops, desktops, monitors, printers, smartphones and tablets are all welcome in our warehouse.

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